I Tried Who Gives A Crap, And Here’s What I Thought

When was the last time you got excited about toilet paper? I’m willing to guess you’ve NEVER been excited about toilet paper, and you’re not alone. If you were like me, you put off restocking your rolls until you were dangerously low and had to rush out for a late night Target run. Far from a pleasant experience, as much fun as those late night Target runs can be.

And yes, toilet paper in itself is not a glamorous product. For me, I tried to buy the cheapest, largest package that least resembled tissue paper and it was always packaged in plastic. Even the sustainable brands were packaged in plastic, so why bother? I did find some small paper-wrapped rolls at health food stores, but they were always expensive, small and didn’t feel the nicest on my lady bits.

Enter, Who Gives A Crap.

First Impression

I’m super into the idea of bulk shopping made simple, so I love that the giant box of Who Gives A Crap came straight to my door. No more late night Target runs. I’m also 8 months pregnant and anything that can make my life a little easier, and reduce heavy lifting, is much appreciated. I couldn’t help but smile at their ‘cheeky’ branding on the outside of the box.

who gives a crap zero waste toilet paper

The Packaging

48 rolls individually wrapped in colorful paper in a large cardboard box. The paper they use to wrap the rolls is super cute and offers some good insight on what Who Gives A Crap is about. You might wonder why they can’t just put the toilet paper naked in the box — wrapping them in paper is the only way they can keep the toilet paper moisture-free and hygienic. I get it, and will be reusing the paper as packing material for our customer orders. The box is sealed shut with a single piece of plastic tape (a small minus). I have heard rumblings that they’re exploring alternative options. There are no additional paper or plastic packaging materials inside the box. Just 48 snuggled rolls.

who gives a crap zero waste toilet paper

The Toilet Paper

Who Gives A Crap toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper with no dyes, inks or scents. I love that they primarily source their paper from local schools, including textbooks, workbooks and office paper. Great example of using ‘reuse’ to solve a waste issue. I compared the toilet paper to the standard rolls we last bought and they seemed softer, sturdier and more tightly packed (aka more toilet paper per roll). Look at this side view comparing the paper — it seems like the standard roll (in the back)  has a lot more wasted air space versus the Who Gives A Crap roll (in the front). So you’re definitely get more for your money with Who Gives A Crap, and I would expect that their rolls last much longer.

who gives a crap zero waste toilet paper

who gives a crap zero waste toilet paper

Feel Goods

Beyond the toilet paper feeling good on your tush, it also makes your heart feel good. Who Gives A Crap donates a whopping 50% of their profits to help build toilets for communities in need. Sadly, 289,000 children under the age of five die every year from diarrheal diseases caused by poor water quality and sanitation issues. Toilets have been found to be a great solution as they help improve basic sanitation and hygiene, and help protect the water supply. Also, as mentioned above, Who Gives A Crap only uses environmentally friendly materials in their rolls. Most toilet paper companies use virgin trees, and consume loads of energy and water to process the trees into toilet paper.

who gives a crap zero waste toilet paper


You can buy a box of Who Gives A Crap for $30 (for 24 rolls) or $48 (for 48 rolls). I definitely will continue buying the $48 roll box since I like to buy in bulk and it’s a great value, at 25 cents per 100 sheets. They also offer a box of premium toilet paper made from ‘forest-friendly bamboo’ at $52 for 48 rolls.

Also, FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25! Score.

Who Gives A Crap was generous enough to offer our readers a discount — click here for $10 off your first order.



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I was so happy to purchase for a good cause! Price is comparable, but it is made in China and I’d rather it be made right here at home. Happy you use profits elsewhere but would rather it be made here.

mark young

What was your opinion on strength? and on the Premium Paper??

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Simon Leong

You didn’t seem to mention anything about being manufactured in China? I also found they don’t mentioned where it’s manufactured on their website. But a nice blog post in any case.

Leslie Isaacs

If my 48 roll box isn’t made from bamboo, what is it made from?

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Nancy Williams DelCampo

Is it acceptable for a septic system?


I really like this product. I like the lack of plastic use & the fact that the company gives back to those in need. I’ve read so much about how t.p. is the leading cause of deforestation. I wish more people would get on the band wagon.


I have been buying this for a while but have found out this is manufactured in China. I am torn now, as we do manufacture our own toilet paper in Australia.

Excel tissue

Hey, nice blog thanks for sharing it’s really awesome I really enjoyed a lot


After reading the first comments I actually went to get my debit card to make an order, after reading all of customer comments on the first page I’m glad I didn’t make a purchase. I do like the idea of helping sanitation issues in other countries, but not at the expense of quality, especially if it’s true that consumers are unable to contact the company directly. Where is the customer satisfaction hotline info like we’re used to in the U.S.?

1 US dollar per roll sounds pretty good if I’m reading correctly.
Thanks, Jennifer in Arkansas, US

Janet Mary

i love the company, their product, their marketing, and their philosophy/activism. after trying the recycled paper, i switched to bamboo, which i like better. and now, that tp is hard to find, i feel like the prison inmate who has an unlimited supply of cigarettes – tp’s the new currency! it’s nice to be able to barter with some and to donate to others.

Gail Harris

I have been using WGAC for about 4 years. I love it and also use their paper towel roll. It’s convenient, economical, good quality ( didn’t used to ball up when wet… hope this glitch is fixed soon) , environmentally sustainable in so many ways and funny/ attractive.

I love the paper wrapping, the designs have changed over the years. My fave was the gold, black and white series. I have given wrapped rolls as gifts for friends birthdays and Christmases in the hope they will then order them also. The paper is also suitable to use as gift wrapping paper.

As a single adult a box of 48 rolls will last over a year.

I was surprised to find that WGAC paper is made in China. I also found that lots of Aussie toilet paper brands also send wood
chips overseas to be pulped and then bring the pulp back here to be made into toilet paper. None are perfect.
All the positives of this product over ride any small negatives. Keep up the good work WGAC.

Siridatar Khalsa

I tried the recycled toilet paper first. I use a bidet and when the paper gets a little wet it balls up. I now use the premium toilet paper and it is great!


Sounds like they do good things but they are the worst and most dysfunctional company I have ever dealt with. First, they have no telephone number to talk to anyone. Second, the never answer emails.
so I ordered one time and they screwed up my order. Ok, everyone screws up once in a while. Then I ordered again and specifically asked not to send me automatic order because I never know how fast my family will use their toilet paper and other product. So next thing I know, they are sending me automatic orders that I have no room to store. I have repeatedly send them emails telling them not to send me that order but since they don’t answer the emails, the order went out.
I called UPS to stop the order and they assured me they would but still the order came to my door which I refused. This all happened two or three time.
No matter what good things they do, the frustration of dealing with them is not worth it. Save yourself grief and buy elsewhere.


Purchased the 3 ply 48 roll. We are sending back after trying for a month. Not worth the money. Thin, falls apart quickly when wet. Yes, you do get “More” product in comparison BUT you also must use MORE. So, It says full refund but the website does NOT make it easy to return, you must send an email? No phone,(Too expensive)? Don’t waste your time or money on this product.

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