Cork Soap Dish


This groovy cork dish is the perfect companion to your soap bar. Cork is a naturally water repellent material that will stay in place on your basin and keep your bar dry. 

100% cork
10.5 cm diameter
To clean dish, wash with mild soap and water or a vinegar-based all purpose spray. Cork can be composted at the end of life.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Therese K.
Dry soap dish!

Cork soap dish is great! Water drains away and the dish remains largely dry. I have one in each bathroom and the soap lasts much longer.

Susie C.
best soap dish ever

I've been looking for a soap dish that does away with built up slime...this one does that--no more icky soap!

Vanessa V.
Cork Soap Dish

I recently saw a review for the cork soap dish in Midwest Living and thought I would give it a try because I didn't like how my bar soap was mushy, slimy and watery in a traditional soap dish. I am so glad I purchased the cork soap dish from Wild Minimalist. Gone is the mushy, slimy
and watery soap. The cork soap dish absorbs the water and keeps the soap solid.

Joan E.
Cork Soap Dish

I like this product. It looks nice on the vanity. Certainly better than the old plastic one . And it does the job it is supposed to do. The bar soap will last longer.

baton b.
Finally. A Soap Dish That Does It's Job!

After a lifetime of watching soap melt away into its own liquid and/or scraping away dried up scum residue that's utterly disgusting, this product has solved one of life's peskier problem. Yes, ceramic soap dishes can be prettier but constant rinsing is required - OR ELSE! Yes, the contraptions with wires that drain off the water, keep the soap dry but try as they might, none of them are aesthetically pleasing (and you still have to rinse the dried drippings don't you? This design is brilliant and it IS the solution. Get one now. I've waited far too long (I'm old). Enjoy it while you can!