Rice Straw Hand Broom


This Dutch-style curved hand broom is made from rice straw and is great for cleaning up small messes. The straw does not absorb water — making it great for wet or dry spills. 

Rice straw
12.5" L
To clean the brush, rinse with water after use

Customer Reviews

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Nadereh G.
Love this little broom

I use it to sweep our little altar. Very well made and gets daily use! Love to support small businesses & will grab more goodies from this company !


Love this little hand broom, I bought one for my workshop and one for my sister’s tiny house. Very pretty and functional.

michael l.
Rice Straw hand broom tryout

purchased two, one as a gift for a friend who makes a living as an "influencer' of obscure, classic, quality products; keeping the other for myself. I have a collection of whisk brooms, some older than me. It appeared slightly 'Twee' to me but quite efficient as a kitchen counter crumb brush. nice wider sweep accommodating the natural wrist curve action. The long reach point appears ideal for ashing out the wood stove corners. My Temple cat demanded a try-out and enjoyed a run thru, preferring a push rather than brushing. I like a tool that has been around the block a time or two so time will tell of it's durability and if it becomes my go-to sweep. commendable craftsmanship.

Jean J.
Wall art!

The shape and size serve cleaning with beauty! I hung this in a prominent place in the laundry room!

Lynda D.
Perfect Little Hand Broom

Everybody needs this cute little broom! I use to have one similar but lost it in a move. So happy to have this one in my life. I like to order another to keep in my car.