Wood Dish Brush


This long-handled wood dish brush is wonderful for cleaning dishes and pots. Made of natural tampico fiber bristles, beechwood and metal, the wood dish brush is designed to last and the head can be easily swapped for a replacement when needed. Best of all, the replacement heads are compostable. 

Made in Germany (replacement heads sold separately)

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Wood Dish Brush

Beautiful and functional ❤️

LOVE my new dish brush! Gone are the days of pruney, wet fingers from smelly sponges! This brush is simple, beautiful, effective and best of all, compostable.
I would however recommend treating the handle with some wax or oil to keep it smooth, comfortable and to prevent water damage or cracking.

love these!

we’re on our third head with the original handle from a year or two ago. once they stop being less effective, we use the old head to scrub the sink in the evenings and swap in the new head. when we do another cycle of switching, then we compost the one that was used for sink scrubbing! really enjoy them especially for the price!

Has changed my kitchen game!

I absolutely love this brush. Switching my kitchen to be more sustainable has been a great choice and WildMinimalist helped me start in the right place. I use less soap and also less water when I wash dishes... that makes me feel so good. Seeing no plastic on the counters is a dream and the wood bottle brush is a perfect pair to this dish brush. I love how they look and feel. 100% satisfied.

Love it!

So happy with the purchase of this dish brush. It makes washing the dishes easy and fast. Very good quality product. I love knowing that it is completely compostable, but I believe it will last me a long time. I also love knowing that I can buy replacement heads for it whenever this one wears out. Thanks for making great products.

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