Wood Lint Brush


The wood lint brush easily removes animal hair and lint from clothes and upholstery. The brush is handmade in Germany from beechwood and natural rubber strips and bound together with copper wire. 

Made in Germany

Beechwood handle with natural rubber strips bound by copper wire
5.5" x 3"
Water with soap and water, towel dry

Customer Reviews

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Lauren H.
Works Better Than My Dyson

I have three dogs of varying colors (white, tan, brown, and black) so there is no hope of keeping our light gray upholstery and white sheets looking clean without some work. I had been using my Dyson V11, but it felt very disruptive to be using for long periods daily and the battery died before I could complete the job. This little handheld tool is quiet, comfortable to use, and works BETTER than my vacuum at removing all the hair. It requires a little bit of an arm workout so if you have physical limitations it might not be the best tool to choose. But if you are prepared to put in a little muscle, your sheets and fabric upholstery will be spotless.

While I didn't purchase it for this purpose, it is effective at removing hair and lint from all manner of clothing fabrics although a gentler touch is needed for wool/cashmere and silk. I would recommend washing the brush and allowing it to dry before using on light colored delicate fabrics.

Works pretty well

I tried using this on my sofa and it worked pretty well to remove cat hair. It requires a bit more elbow grease than the sticky lint rollers, both when actually brushing the sofa and when cleaning off the brush afterwards. That's a minor inconvenience, though. I haven't tried it on clothing yet but I'm sure it'll perform similarly.

Good for hair, not great for lint alone

Works very well for removing dog/cat hair from sofa and most clothing. It mostly just throws lint around if there's no hair for it to roll up in. I highly recommend it for anyone with a shedder and a couch.


Exactly what I was hoping for. While I do not care if I have dog hair plastered all over my clothing, my partner does. He ALWAYS uses those abhorrent lint rollers. I hate it. This is his Christmas present. I know he will love it. It is far more aesthetically appealing than the conventional lint rollers and very effective. I am overjoyed with this purchase!

Mika E.
Better Than Expected

This lint brush works more than I expected it to, but not as perfect as the plastic. Still worth the switch, absolutely.