Cloth Straw Sleeve

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A sleek and simple Ambatalia sleeve to protect your reusable straw or chopsticks when you're on-the-go. Each sleeve is made from scraps of cotton fabric that would otherwise end up in landfill. Preventing plastic straw and textile waste—now that's a beautiful solution.

Made in CA

Made from scrap linen
  • 11" L x 1.5"
  • Option for straw or without
Machine wash cold, air dry

Made in USA


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ariana G.

Great for chopsticks! Our chopsticks bang around in the utensil drawer and always end up with a non matching mate... this is great for minimizing the clutter and noise. The description says good for on-the-go, but doubtful we will use it in that way, just really like for storing neatly in our drawers! Expensive (I could make myself if I had time), but really appreciate having them!! Our chopsticks are also about 7”, so there’s tons of extra room. One day, we’ll have guests over and they’ll be impressed when we set the table with these :)

Lauren H.
Perfect for my straws!

This sleeve is the perfect length for my re-usable straws! I was needing a cover for them, so I was pleased that this was sold without a straw, as an option. There's a little hood/cover at the end, where the opening is, to close up the case and protect your straw. The linen material is a soft and good quality. The stitching is cute. I wish I had bought a spare to have while I wash the first one.