Cloth Bowl Covers, Set of 5

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These Ambatalia cloth dish covers are perfecting for wrapping a bowl when you're on you're way to a dinner party or covering a meal in the fridge. The covers are two layers thick to keep items fresh. Each set of covers comes in five different sizes—the largest covers a pie plate or casserole and the smallest will fit around a mason jar. Comes with a cloth envelope for storage. 

Made in California

Made from natural linen
  • Small fits mason jar
  • Small/med fits wide-mouth mason jar
  • Med fits 6.5" bowl 
  • Med/large fits 8.5 " bowl 
  • Large fits a pie plate or 10" casserole
Recommend cold water wash and line dry

Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Darraugh C.
So useful and well made!

I put these to use immediately! I’m so glad to not be buying plastic wrap because there are better alternatives. These are a beautiful blue and very well made. These would make a great gift.

Terri G.
Fabric lids

Way too expensive but I like them. And they should last forever! The little one fit on the end of a cucumber. I shared them with people and they were inspired to get some although...they won’t pay as much as you’re asking for them. And the ultimate goal is for them to be available in stores where people buy groceries? Thankyou for inventing these and inspiring many people in a new way!

Marion B.
Cloth bowl covers

Happy using cloth which maybe washed and reused.

Well made, great for rising bread dough!

These are so handy! I love that they come in several sizes, from large down to itty bitty, to cover a variety of containers. I happened to be making bread the day after they arrived and was able to use them to rise the dough. It worked great!

Daniele K.
Worth Every Penny

High quality. Works on a variety of containers. I was hesitant at first about the price but they are so worth it to go plastic free and waste free. Easy to wash.