Dog Cedarwood Lavender Shampoo Bar

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This shampoo bar has a wonderful cedarwood and lavender scent that keeps your dog smelling great. The bar is made with sunflower oil and shea butter for a healthy, shiny coat and essential oils that naturally repel fleas and ticks. Can also be used on humans as a natural insect repellent! Should not be used on cats.  

Handmade in Northern OH

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, organic palm oil (certified sustainable by Rainforest Alliance), organic castor bean oil, organic soap nuts, organic virgin shea butter, organic canola oil, organic calendula, organic corn starch, organic lavender essential oil, organic rosemary extract, cedarwood essential oil, fir needle essential oil, sodium hydroxide
3.8 oz bar
Store bar in a well-drained dish

Customer Reviews

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Not just for dogs…. ;) ;)

Mighta read the product name too quickly in my enthusiasm and processed “dogwood, cedar and lavender”, but COVID was the year I transitioned to shampoo bars and this by far has been my favorite. Where other bars leave my hair a little gummy or dry even with every other/third day use or added conditioner bar or coconut oil masks, this, used by itself, has been the best for my medium thick, long straight (human) hair. A++ Committed client; just bought a bunch more.

Melissa W.

Reese is not a fan of baths would much rather roll in the dirt BUT we love this soap, she’s clean and soft afterward!!!

Kathleen D.
Love it

Works great for my dog! Love not having another plastic bottle in the house!

Stinky doggo

We have a short haired dog who loves to roll in anything smelly. I loved the idea of not buying more unnecessary plastic as well. This dog shampoo is clean, fast sudsing without overdoing it and smells great! Since she gets dirty often she needs several bath sometimes a week and this shampoo does not dry out her skin.

Sarah Y.
Such smooth hair!!

Works surprisingly well and smells fantastic