Safety Razor Kit

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The safety razor kit has everything you need to make the switch to a zero waste shaving routine. Each kit comes with a Rockwell safety razor, a stand to keep your razor dry and upright when not in use, a sheath to protect the blade when you're on-the-go and 25 stainless steel razor blades. Quality and craftsmanship shows with this beautiful, waste-free kit. 

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    • Razor is made from high-end chromed zinc alloys
    • Stand and blades are stainless steel
    • Sheath is leather

    Each kit comes with:

    • 1 safety razor 
    • 1 safety razor stand
    • 1 safety razor sheath
    • 25 razor blades
    Dry razor after each use and store in dry place to prevent rust. Razor and stand are designed to last a lifetime, but they can be recycled. Razor blades should be placed in a blade bank or another enclosed steel container before they are recycled.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Judith G.

    This razor works very well for my husband, especially after experimenting with it. The feel is a little different from plastic disposable razors, and he has discovered it is good in its own way. So appreciative of the plastic alternative.

    Pretty great

    I bought this for my own use as a woman. Great purchase, very happy save two quirks.
    First, the blades that come with this set works WONDERFULLY but only for about 5 shaves, so expect to go through a blade a week (no idea I’d that’s normal since it’s my first safety razor)
    Second, the handle is a bit short for shaving the legs. The bottom of the handle is on my palm, and it’s taking some getting used to.

    Pretty happy and highly recommend the stand.

    Geneveive D.
    Getting there

    Trying to get used to the change. I’m a little intimidated but the other reviews give me confidence. Good shave, my legs are so smooth.

    Carrie M.
    I’m converted

    I was unsure about trying it but it gives me a better shave than my old plastic ones and I love the quality and eco friendliness of it. Thank you!!!

    So Happy

    I was very nervous about ordering a safety razor, but the other reviews reassured me it would be okay. I am so glad I finally bit the bullet and purchased this set. I love it! I expected a learning curve of nicking myself, but so far so good. I've even gone around the knees and underarms. I had read to let the weight of the razor do the work, and that was great advice. Also, my legs aren't so irritated as they are after my cartridge razors that I didn't replace often enough. Another perk, is I find this much easier to clean by just slightly loosening the head and swishing it in water. If you're considering it, you likely won't regret it.