Reusable Period Pads

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Ditch waste and toxins during your period with a reusable period pad made from 100% organic cotton. Each pad is ultra absorbent and comfortable with a hook and loop closure to stay in place. These pads are also odor-free and contain none of the harmful chemicals or plastics found in standard menstruation products, making them a healthy choice for you and the environment. Replacing disposable pads with a reusable pad keeps plastic out of the landfill and saves lots of money over its lifetime. This is a great option for periods, postpartum bleeding and bladder leaks. Comes with one pad and one travel pouch. 

100% organic cotton
  • Comes with 1 pad and 1 travel pouch in a cardboard tube
  • Sizes: Regular & Heavy (9" x 3"), Super Heavy (12" x 3")
Machine washable


Customer Reviews

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Excellent product

This product both eliminates pad waste and wrappings and all, plus works very well for absorption and general wear. One note, I don't wash them in the machine- the velcro quickly gets ruined/covered with pet hair.

Great investment

These are true pads. I have been loving the switch to them honestly. I hate having to go buy more pads and these have been awesome. My only advice is that if you prefer more of a liner feel these may be a lil thick for you. But they are awesome and are worth every penny.

Great Product!

Wild Minimalist Reusable Period Pads are the perfect answer! Comfortable, discreet, washable, durable, perfect color (no stains show), ... I can use these with the underwear I find most comfortable and it's the perfect solution! Best of all, no garbage!

Great quality product

The regular pad I purchased works great for overnight usage. The fabric is soft and I appreciate that it is 100% organic cotton, rather than a mix of cotton and synthetic material in many other pads. The only criticism I have is that the velcro occasionally scratched against my leg, but it was remedied with an easy adjustment.


I’m really glad there is a safer, reusable option to period pads now. I usually have a pretty heavy flow, so I’m going to get the more absorbent ones next time. Great for the lighter days, though!