Wood Bottle Brush


This beechwood brush features soft horse hair bristles or sturdy tampico bristles that are well suited to clean bottles, glasses, coffee and teapots and other vessels with narrow openings.

Made in Germany

12" long, 2.5" diameter (head)
Our bottle brush features a beechwood handle and your choice of stiff tampico bristles or soft horse-hair bristles.
To extend the life of your brush and prevent warping and cracking, we recommend you oil the handle often and allow the brush to dry thoroughly after each use. Compost at end of life.



Customer Reviews

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Love this brush!

Seriously cannot recommend this product, or this store enough. Love the brush, and soooo cool that they’re compostable and come in sustainable packaging.

great, but too thick for my water bottles

The first time I bought it, it fit in all my water bottles and lasted for a long time. The second time, it still looks like a great brush, but it doesn't fit in my water bottle, which is my main use for it. Not sure if they changed the specs, but it doesn't fit in my Swell bottle. It does fit in my daughter's Thinkster (old one fit in both).

Hi Sarah,

It might be due to the bristles—there are two types to choose from. The horsehair bristles are more soft and pliable, which makes it easier to fit into narrower opening. The tampico bristles are a bit more stiff and clean wide-mouth bottles well, but likely wouldn't fit in a Swell bottle. Perhaps you purchased the horsehair bottle brush previously? Hope that helps, Lily

Bottle brush

I love the size, it's so handy to clean our bottles with and I love that it's not plastic. I would recommend it to anyone.

Love it

We use this as our main dish brush. I first got the horsehair bristles but found that they matted fairly quickly and in the end it was only usable for two or three months. The Tampico bristles are much sturdier and this is now our go to! Love it!

Second time purchasing

I love this brush so much I bought it again. The first one I had lasted about two years (probably longer than I really should’ve kept it, but I always sanitize my dishes in the dishwasher). There were no cracks, no molding, no smells, no bristles lost, nothing! The bristles did start to mat together after a while, but that made it ideal for tough scrubbing. When it finally succumbed to a gooey popcorn-maker (chunks of sticky oil were all stuck in the bristles, but the whirly pop looks great now!), I gave it the proper send-off I’d been planning since I got it—I chucked it as far into the woods behind my house as I could, where it will decompose in it’s entirety.

Maybe I won’t wait so long to let this one retire. I forgot just how pretty this brush is when it’s new. It’s really classing-up my kitchen right now.

Some tips on making yours last: After each scrub, rinse off all soap and debris, shake excess water off, and store bristles-up (in a jar by the sink is cute).