Wood Hand Broom and Dustpan


This small wood hand broom and dustpan set is ideal for cleaning up small spills on countertops, tables and work surfaces. Each brush is constructed from beechwood and horsehair and made by hand from visually impaired craftsmen. This is the sort of cleaning tool you'll want to have on display. 

Made in Sweden

Beechwood with horsehair bristles
5.5"L x 0.75"W x 4.75"H
Shake dust out of bristles between use. Compost at end of life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Cute little broom!

I bought two of these for two different places in my house to sweep up crumbs. Love them!

broke in the first week

I adore the products that I get from this site in general. This one however wasn't quite what I expected, and the dust pan broke in half the first week we had it. I'm not sure what happened. The bristles are very soft, so it isn't super effective on damp crumbs. Overall it was attractive, before breaking, but the bristles really were too soft for what I was expecting to use it for which was mostly around my dining table.

beautiful and useful

I am pleased with a non-plastic option for sweeping my table free of crumbs!

Small but Mighty

This wooden dustpan and hand broom do the job despite the small size. I use mine for quick clean ups around my cat's litter box. I'm probably going to purchase another one for my office space. Very pleased with the product and customer service. My first order never arrived due to problems with the postal service. I messaged the company and received a prompt reply, with a speedy new shipment sent out right away.

quality is the best

my wood hand broom and dust pan arrived! I love the petite-ness and quality. I use it all the time and don't feel like I have to hide it away in a closet. Bristles are attached very well, I'll enjoy this tool for a long time all while being more minimal