Beech Wood Nail Brush


This durable wood nail brush is made from waxed beechwood and tampico fiber bristles to keep fingernails neat and tidy. The brush is fully biodegradable at the end of life.

Made in Germany

Beechwood with tampico bristles
4" long
Rub wood with a natural oil or beeswax and dry between use. Compost at end of life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Gets the job done

It does just what I look for in a nail brush; helps clean dirt off after gardening, and gets under the nails pretty well. I like the two different sides, and feel really good using a brush made from natural materials.

Bethany J.
nice, solid brush with weird smell

this brush is lightweight, solid, and a nice mix of tough and gentle. however, it does have a weird body odor smell to it, which makes storing it in our small bathroom unappealing

Bootsy C.
I love having clean nails.

Slightly larger than I was expecting and nice tough bristles.

Paul K.
Substantial and Versatile Tool

The two-level brush runs circles around my tiny purple plastic device since recycled. Easy to grip while soapy, short and long bristles quickly scrub nail tops and cuticles and glide beneath nail ends to extract dirt and grime. Great product!

Christina H.
Great find

I’ve been using plastic nail brushes because I couldn’t find a good alternative. This brush is so much better, not only for the environment but also because it lasts so much longer and cleans more effectively.