Zero Waste Kitchen Cleaning Kit

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We've rounded up our favorite kitchen cleaning products—the workhorses of our own kitchen that we use everyday. This is the perfect kit for someone who wants to transition to a plastic-free kitchen but doesn't know where to start. The dish and bottle brushes are both excellent for cleaning dishes, glasses and pots and the copper scrubbers can be used to loosen stubborn bits of food off casserole dishes and cast iron. Fill your soap or spray bottle with your favorite non-toxic cleaner. 


    Each kit includes: 

    • 1 dish brush
    • 1 dish brush replacement head
    • 1 bottle brush
    • 2 copper scrubbers
    • choice of 1 spray or soap bottle
    Brushes are compostable, glass bottle and copper scrubbers can be recycled


    Customer Reviews

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    Simple and classy, love using the brushes now for my dishes. The only small issue I had it that the wood on one of the brushes changed color after a few washes.

    Almost perfect...

    Really enjoy this kit for a lot of reasons: no plastic, long lasting, and recyclable! However, there are a few things I don't quite like about it: 1) The lid to the soap pump actually seems a little cheap, which is the saddest thing!! If you tighten the lid too much, it actually pops off. It seems the threads for the glass bottle are much thicker and spread out more than the threads of the pump lid. Not much of a big deal because the soap pump just sits there. Still very sad. 2) The bristles aren't as stiff as I would like. 3) Additionally, there were stickers on the wooden handles that said "Made in Germany," which is sad they aren't local in the USA. Otherwise, pretty and [mostly] practical!


    My grandmother always had these things in her kitchen, so I’m so happy to find them again! The brushes work so wonderfully & the copper scrubber is perfect for cast iron pans. It feels like going back in time to a happier place where things were made to last & worked for the job they were made for. Thanks for being here for the time travelers on the planet.

    So happy!

    I am so happy I made the switch to wild minimalist. I’ve recently started looking at minimizing my waste. And use of plastic. Love the look and how well the brushes work to get my dishes clean.

    Glad I Made the Switch

    I have recently become very focused on treading lightly on the earth. I am in the process of eliminating or at least greatly reducing the plastic in my life. That is why I purchased this kit.
    I love it. I love that the head of the dish brush is replaceable. I love that the copper scrubber is free of chemicals. I love that the spray bottle is plastic and doesn’t absorb what I put in it. And the items look much more elegant that their plastic predecessors.
    The reason I am giving a four star rating is because the bristles of the brushes are not quite as stiff as plastic bristles. I may have to scrub a little longer or soak an item. For me, it is completely worth the tiny trade off. I wish I could give 4 1/2 stars.