Silk Dental Floss


Silk dental floss is a beautiful and sustainable alternative to plastic floss. The compostable floss comes packaged in a refillable glass container with a stainless steel cap and two 33 meter spools. The floss is flavored with organic peppermint essential oil and coated with candelilla wax. The floss refill comes wrapped in a compostable plant-based cellophane bag inside a cardboard box. Refill floss comes in a package of two 33 meter spools.

100% silk floss, organic peppermint oil, candelilla wax
  • Floss comes packaged in a refillable glass container with a stainless steel cap and two 33 meter spools.
  • Refill floss comes with two 33 meter spools
Compost floss and cellophane bag, reuse or recycle glass container, compost or recycle cardboard box



Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Amber C.
Great Floss!

Thicker than my original spool so it holds on to tartar and food better.

Anna R.
Great floss!

I've been using the small glass container with floss for a while now. Wouldn't have it any other way. Great to know that I can order through here!

Chelsea F.
Great Floss but It Had Plastic Packaging

I've ordered this dental floss a couple of times, and I've loved it every time! But the last time I ordered it, the new recyclable box had some plastic packaging on the inside. I'm really bummed about this because the floss is great, but this plastic makes me not want to order it again.

Hi Chelsea, The plastic packaging is actually a plant-based compostable bag! Sorry for any confusion. Lily

Samantha L.
Breaks easily

This product works but you have to be gentle to not break it.

Floss frays

I like the idea of using degradable floss. The mint oil gives it a mild, refreshing feel and the dispenser bottle works well. But I find that the floss often frays while I use it.