Beeswax Cloths, Set of 3beeswax cloths

Beeswax Cloths, Set of 3

from $21.99
Silicone Sandwich BagSilicone Sandwich Bag

Silicone Sandwich Bag

from $10.49 $14.99
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Stainless Steel Tiffin LunchboxStainless Steel Tiffin Lunchbox

Stainless Steel Tiffin Lunchbox

from $34.99
Mini Cotton Net BagMini Cotton Net Bag

Mini Cotton Net Bag

from $8.99 $12.99
On sale
Bento BagBento Bag

Bento Bag

From $20.99
Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 5Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 5

Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 5

From $23.99
Silicone Snack BagsSilicone Snack Bags

Silicone Snack Bags

from $8.49 $11.99
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Upcycled Cotton NapkinsUpcycled Cotton Napkins

Upcycled Cotton Napkins

from $24.49 $34.99
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Stainless Steel Ice PackStainless Steel Ice Pack

Stainless Steel Ice Pack

from $19.99
Vegan Food Wraps, Set of 3Vegan Food Wraps, Set of 3

Vegan Food Wraps, Set of 3

from $21.99
Spork and CorkSpork and Cork

Spork and Cork

from $9.99 $13.99
On sale
Stainless Steel Snack ContainerStainless Steel Snack Container

Stainless Steel Snack Container

from $8.99
Cloth Utensil WrapCloth Utensil Wrap

Cloth Utensil Wrap

from $27.99 $39.99
On sale
Kids' Bamboo Travel UtensilsKids' Bamboo Travel Utensils

Kids' Bamboo Travel Utensils

from $9.99 $12.99
On sale
Furoshiki Dish ClothFuroshiki Dish Cloth

Furoshiki Dish Cloth

from $27.99 $39.99
On sale
Silicone Storage Bag BundleSilicone Storage Bag Bundle

Silicone Storage Bag Bundle

from $54.99
Mini French Net BagMini French Net Bag

Mini French Net Bag

from $12.99 $17.99
On sale
Glass Straws, Set of 4Glass Straws, Set of 4

Glass Straws, Set of 4

from $34.99
Cloth Baby WipesCloth Baby Wipes

Cloth Baby Wipes

from $15.99 $21.99
On sale
Zero Waste Kids SunscreenZero Waste Kids Sunscreen

Zero Waste Kids Sunscreen

from $21.99
Cloth Straw SleeveCloth Straw Sleeve

Cloth Straw Sleeve

from $13.99 $19.99
On sale
Reusable Food HuggersReusable Food Huggers

Reusable Food Huggers

from $15.99
Mini Bolga BasketMini Bolga Basket

Mini Bolga Basket

from $22.49 $31.99
On sale
Love Your Mother Cotton ToteLove Your Mother Cotton Tote

Love Your Mother Cotton Tote

from $19.99
Sold out
Ceramic Porter BowlCeramic Porter Bowl

Ceramic Porter Bowl

from $31.49 $44.99
On sale
Silicone Pocket BagsSilicone Pocket Bags

Silicone Pocket Bags

from $15.99
Petite Market BasketPetite Market Basket

Petite Market Basket

from $29.99 $41.99
On sale
Reclaimed Linen NapkinsReclaimed Linen Napkins

Reclaimed Linen Napkins

from $53.99 $76.99
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