Milk & Honey Baby Soap Bar


This unscented baby soap bar is a creamy blend of goat milk, organic honey and organic oat flour and is perfect for babies or people with dry or sensitive skin. The goat milk and honey leaves skin soft and supple and helps soothe irritations like eczema and psoriasis. The oat flour has anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve itchy skin. Each bar is cruelty-free, non-GMO and rainforest alliance certified.


Handmade in Northern Ohio

organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic palm oil*, organic extra virgin olive oil, goat milk, organic virgin shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic canola oil, organic castor bean oil, organic oat flour, organic honey, organic cornstarch, organic rosemary oil, sodium hydroxide * The palm oil used in this bar is certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance
3.5 oz soap bar
Store in a well-drained dish

Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Milk and Honey Baby Bar

I have no baby, but this is an excellent hand washing soap. The slight texture feels good in your hands and it offers mild scrubbing action. The smell is that of good ingredients and not an added fragrance.

Great Facial Soap

I've been looking for a zero waste face soap, and all other ones I've tried have severely dried out my skin and given me acne. I had the idea to try a baby soap as they are more gentle, and came across this one. It's great! Very gentle, maybe a little drying, but not enough to cause any problems (especially after moisturizing). I will be buying this soap again.

Huge bar, love the scent!

This baby soap bar is certainly baby sized but after a week of use I’m convinced this bar will last a very long time! I love the simple scent of the oatmeal and the suds are great! I’m very happy with this purchase and feel great knowing I’m not putting junk on my baby’s skin!


Smells great! We use it as a shampoo bar too and it actually makes my kid’s hair softer than the baby shampoo we were using before!

Great soap!

I do childcare, and wash my hands often. This soap is AMAZING and doesn't dry out my skin 🖤