Zero Waste Farmer's Market Kit

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Be prepared to shop plastic-free with our zero waste farmers' market kit. Each kit comes with a french cotton net bag, a set of cotton mesh produce bags, a set of cotton muslin produce bags and a set of beeswax wraps. Get your fruits, veggies, cheese and other goodies with these reusable, plastic-free alternatives. 

    Full order value is $97 (10% savings)

    Each kit comes with: 

    • 1 french cotton net bag 
    • 5 cotton mesh produce bags 
    • 5 cotton muslin produce bags 
    • 3 beeswax wraps (small, medium, large)
    Net bag and produce bags are machine washable. Beeswax wraps should be hand washed in cold water with soap. Everything in the kit is compostable at the end of life. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Worth it!

    The reusable produce bags are great. They’re large and strong enough for all my produce. The tighter weave bags work well for keeping produce longer because you can dampen them and leave them in the fridge. So far they also clean well and easily. The shoulder mesh bag is a good size; right now I use it to hold all the produce bags that I’m not using. I was worried it would be a smaller size, but it’s what I’ve seen others call their larger size. The bee’s wrap I’m still getting used to. I know you need to warm it with your hands to get a tight stick, so I’m still figuring that out with my glass bowls. But they sure smell great! Also they seal well with themselves so do work well for wrapping half eaten fruits/veggies. Overall I’m happy with my purchase from both a value and quality perspective.


    Durable and great looking too. I was impressed by the size of the produce bags.

    Everything you need!

    I am so happy I made this purchase. I looked at the same items on other sites and this was by far the best deal. The bags all washed beautifully as well. I am tempted to buy another set! This is a perfect set.

    Perfect starter kit

    This set is just right, and in fact contained even more items than I'd originally thought - enough to share with a friend so we could both have these well-made, perfectly sized reusable products with us when we need them.

    Love love love!

    The quality is amazing and I love how the net stretches with any produce I put. The beeswax wrappers come in 3 different sizes and is such a better option than disposable plastic