Enamel Funnel


This sleek and simple enamel funnel is the perfect tool for a waste-free home. Decant soaps, grains and spices while keeping counters tidy. The funnel is made from enamel, a material that has been prized for centuries due to its hygienic, rust-free properties, and features a traditional blue trim. 

Metal and enamel
Diameter 13 cm, height 15.5 cm. Please note each funnel is hand-crafted and contains raised edges where the enamel is welded.
Hand wash with warm water and soap

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cute but doesn't work well

It's cute, but I tried funneling dried rice with it, and it didn't work at all -- the thin part where the grain is supposed to come out is dented inward, so the rice gets stuck and doesn't fit through. I shook it as I was pouring and some grains would fall loose, but barely any. It'll work for liquids, but the reason I bought it was to funnel my bulk food items like rice and oats into jars, so it's ineffective for my purposes. Pretty disappointing :(

Sturdy and Aesthetic

What a great funnel - size, finish, everything. This is awesome to have in my bag when I go to the bulk store and for cooking at home.

Julia B.
Great funnel

Great little funnel, no complaints. I couldn't find anything like it elsewhere.

Gareth W.
Solid funnel!

I was impressed with the heavy-duty quality. The thing will be solid for your grandchildren. I’ve been a chef for 30 years, and wish I had purchased less plastic along the way. I’m switching it all for lifetime products.

Useful as well as decorative

Love the feeling of using an enamel product to refill our olive oil dispenser rather than the old plastic funnel, which has now been relegated to use in cleaning supplies. It also has a handle, which makes it a nice addition to our pot rack that hangs above the kitchen sink.