Wood Dish Brush

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This long-handled wood dish brush is wonderful for cleaning dishes and pots. Made of natural tampico fiber bristles, beechwood and metal, the wood dish brush is designed to last and the head can be easily swapped for a replacement when needed. 

Made in Germany

Beechwood, tampico bristles and metal hardware
10" h x 2" l x 2" w.
Wood oxidation in the form of dark spots or discoloration is a natural process caused by exposure to water and other elements (ie iron in water), and shouldn’t be confused with mold or mildew. These natural signs of aging do not affect the performance of your brush. To exend the life of your brush handle, air dry after use and occasionally apply beeswax or oil. Wood will naturally split and crack over time. Compost head and handle, recycle metal hardware.



Customer Reviews

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Excellent Brush!

The bristles are soft and densely packed to provide great cleaning and soap 'suds'ing. And the brush comes off the handle, if necessary.
I purchased a stiff bristle brush to provide more scrubbing ability.

Gets the job done plastic-free

After only a couple of weeks, the head has warped slightly (turned into an oval shape, rather than a circle). This does not affect performance. I'm happy to have found a scrub brush that is plastic-free. We'll see how the handle holds up, as it seems to be a bit wobbly after a couple of weeks of use. I agree with others who have said that slightly stiffer bristles would be helpful for scrubbing. So far I have been satisfied, but not blown away.

Love the Brush but not quite compostable

I love this brush and it makes me look forward to getting sudsy with my dishes.

One comment though: if you're planning to compost the replaceable head, beware that it has metal staples anchoring the brush fibers into the wood. I was looking forward to throwing this straight into the composting bucket, but noticed the staple when I was pulling at the fibers and one came out. I'm not sure one wants metal staples floating around in their compost!


This brush is beautifully made. the handle feels good and so far it's been exactly what I was looking for. After a couple of weeks of use I have noticed the bristles are quite as stiff as i would like. It's more of a gentle scrub. So those hard stuck on placed need a bit more elbow grease.

Durable natural dish brush

The natural fiber and wood brush feels good to the touch, works beautifully to scrub food off of plates, pots and pans. Just what I needed as a replacement to fit on a stem I already had. This is a basic household item I 100% recommend!