Wood Face Brush


This soft wood brush is made from sustainable beechwood and soft goat hair bristles for gentle exfoliation. The brush also features a cotton rope strap to air dry and is completely compostable at the end of life. 

Beechwood and goat hair bristles
5.7" long
To extend the life of your brush, rub the handle with a natural oil or beeswax and dry between use. Compost at end of life.

Customer Reviews

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Truly NOT for sensitive skins. I truly recommend it for anyone outside of a sensitive skin, it's actually a bit soft once you moisturize it. I tried it for a few weeks as a brush cleanser and my skin had to take a days to recover and lots of lotion! I would highly recommend just using it as an exfoliator brush. Super unfortunate, but again, I recommend for tougher skins!

One thing to note about the material is to waterproof it with a simple spray before leaving in your bathroom. It changes color if you don't -- after all it's natural wood.

Works great, a bit of a funny smell

I love this brush. I've had other face exfoliators in the past but they have been cheap. This one will last, for sure. Note: there is a funny smell the first few times using it. Must be because of the goat bristles. If you object to that, I'd recommend another brush.

Not as sturdy as I thought

The brush does a good job of cleansing my face. However, some of the bristles fell out and on one side the bristles are permanently skewed to the side. The brush seems a little flimsy, but does do the job.

Love this brush! Great for skin care. Highly recommend.

Love the wood and brush and feel so clean. I do not want to ever be without this!

Game changer

I love this brush! I pick my face a lot and using this brush as a dry brush to exfoliate and it has helped me to stop picking at my pimples and therefore helped clear up my face! It does smell a liiitle farm-like when you get it wet and sometimes some bristles fall out, but other than that I highly recommend this brush!