Cotton Produce Storage Bag


The Swag cotton produce storage bag is the natural way to preserve fruits and vegetables without plastic. Made from three layers of breathable cotton, Swag creates the perfect environment to keep produce hydrated and delay ripening. Keep fruits and veggies happy and eliminate food waste. Each bag is machine washable and is designed to last for years.

  • Keeps Produce Fresh for 2 Weeks - No more wilting spinach, droopy lettuce or sad cilantro. Multiple layers of breathable cotton protects and preserves your fruits, veggies and herbs
  • Reduce Food Waste - Fresh, crisp produce means less food waste heading to the landfill. Say goodbye to the guilt of throwing out spoiled produce. 
  • Save Money - Less food waste means more money in your pocket and fewer trips to the grocery store. 

Also available in a discounted bundle

100% cotton
  • Small: 14.5" W x 9"H 
  • Long: 20.5" W x 9" H
  • Large: 16.5" W x 15" H
Machine wash, air dry


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Theresa T.

Wish it had a Velcro closure. Keeps lettuce fresh but sometimes the lettuce falls out of the bag.

Jennifer N.

Love these. Keeps my veggies fresh longer than ever.

Chad T.
Big and excellent

The produce bag is good so far. I’m making another purchase here in a few minutes because I am going to want another one. It’s holding my shallot green tops and doing well. I didn’t bother wetting the bag first…the green tops had been rinsed and I figured already sufficient. Going to need something for the spinach.

Brenda E.
Kind of a miracle product

All I can say is, there is nothing out there like the theswag that will keep fruit and produce fresher longer. That’s a challenge!

It works!

I waited a minute to review this until I could see how my veg held up. It’s been a week and they look like new! Normally they’d be starting to get sad by now. I would definitely recommend this bag.