Deodorant Cream


We want to ditch our chemical-filled deodorants, but don't want to be a stinker for doing so. The Fat & the Moon deodorant cream keep smelly pits in check with antimicrobial properties and a light scent. The base is made from coconut oil and aluminum-free baking soda, an anti-bacterial dynamic duo, and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture. The subtle scent comes from blend of citrus, black pepper, bergamot and clary sage. And people who love to wear black clothes can rejoice—no chalky streaks! 


coconut oil*, baking soda (aluminum free), arrowroot powder*, beeswax, essential oil of black pepper*, essential oil of clary sage*, essential oil of bergamot*, essential oil of tea tree*, essential oil of grapefruit* *organic
Comes in a 2oz glass jar
For best results, use within one year of purchase. Recycle clean jar when empty.


Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Needs some getting used to

I ordered this deodorant because I wanted to try something more natural, and so far it’s ok. I like how its easy to apply and the smell, but sometimes my armpits still stink after I used it a couple times. It helps repel sweat at least, the only con is that I stink. Pros are the scent is really nice, and there’s a good amount of it in the jar that will last you a long time.

Wendy M.
Arrived just in time and it was a hit!

This summer I tried this product for the first time and was very satisfied. So satisfied I ordered some for my cousin for Christmas. Lol, who buys deodorant for their cousin for Christmas? Right? But she loves it! Loves it so much in fact three days later she ordered some for her friend. It smells nice, rubs in cleanly, and a little goes a long long way. Super travel friendly no matter the season. If it gets warm and melty, it doesn’t matter! It’s in a jar.

Harrison R.
Long lasting

A little goes a long way with this deodorant. It smells great, is easy to apply, doesn’t leave an oily residue, and the jar will last a long time. Highly recommend

Erin G.

Love this and makes me feels fresh, small fresh and skin perfect

actually works!

I was skeptical since I've tried a bunch of other natural deodorants with no luck, but this one actually works great! It has kind of a natural, musky smell which I really like since it's not too strong or pungent. Also, I was worried the baking soda would be too strong for me since I have sensitive skin that tends to react badly to new products or lots of ingredients, but so far have had no problems at all! Love this and highly recommend!