Zero Waste Starter Kit

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Jump start your plastic-free lifestyle with this zero waste starter kit. Each kit comes with a french cotton net bag, a set of cotton muslin and mesh produce bags, beeswax cloths, a stainless steel lunchbox, a stainless steel tumbler with straw and bamboo travel utensils. This is a great kit for eating out, travel and hitting the farmers' market. 

Each kit comes with:

  • 1 french cotton net bag
  • 5 cotton mesh produce bags
  • 5 cotton muslin produce bags
  • 3 beeswax wraps (small, medium, large)
  • 1 2-tier stainless steel lunchbox
  • 1 stainless steel insulated tumbler with straw
  • 1 set of bamboo travel utensils

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Customer Reviews

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So wonderful!

The best purchase I’ve made in a while!

Everything you need to get started living plastic-free!

This kit is great! I love the mesh market bag, and it has two options of handles - long or short - so you can carry it on your shoulder or more like a handbag. The tumbler keeps things cold for a long time and doesn't sweat, which is a plus! It did come with a sticker on it that I couldn't recyle, so I had to trash it. Everything else was packages in compostable or recycleable packaging. My togo ware travel utensils came in a black case (which is what I wanted) but I didn't have the option to choose so was a little curious what color I'd get. The lunch box is great and I love that you can just take the top part if you have a small meal packed. All in all, this was a great buy!

Great purchase!

I have recently started to reduce my use of single use plastics, and was looking for a package as a baseline to stock my house with reusable items. I found this starter kit, and love it! I use it all the time. I even used it as birthday gifts for friends and family, as it is something they will actually get use out of! I definitely recommend this product.

Thank you, Instagram!

I have to thank Instagram for helping me find The Wild Minimalist! I'm so glad that I did!
I'm so excited to use the pieces in this kit. Everything is made very well and seems like it will last a long time. Everything arrived in compostable/recyclable wrapping and included a handwritten note thanking me for my order. A handwritten note always goes a long way!
The mesh bag is comfortable to wear on your shoulder and easy to carry. The drawstring bags are much bigger than expected. The utensils and carrying pouch live in my purse and I was surprised by how easy it was to clean them!
I haven't used the Bee's Wrap yet but I took it out and it's very high quality. I can tell it will work better than plastic wrap. I haven't used the lunch box yet but it's very sturdy and the locks keep everything in place. I wouldn't be worried about anything leaking.
I am still waiting for the tumbler to arrive but I appreciate the fact that I received a call from the company asking if I would like it shipped separately at a later date or if I would like the whole order together. It was a really nice gesture!
I can't wait to order more from this company!


I shared my starter kit with my family and they all loved it! I appreciate the quality of the items and the variety that was included in this kit. And it came in a paper-taped box! Max was very quick about corresponding with me about my order. Couldn’t be happier about my purchase! I’ll definitely be buying more from Wild Minimalist.