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Eco Kitty Bird


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The Eco Kitty Bird is a playful and all natural toy for a healthy cat and home. Eco Cat Bird is made out of durable hemp canvas with a colorful hemp twine tail and filled with organic cat nip and a metal rattle. Each toy is made and packaged by disabled adults in Green Bay, WI.

  • Hemp canvas and twinecat toy
  • Organic cat nip fill with metal rattle

Customer Reviews

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Adorable & Sustainable

We took in our kitten after she'd established residence on our street along with her mother who was incredibly scared of humans. She would play with a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. pipe cleaners, balled up pieces of paper, dirty socks she swiped from the hamper, the hamper itself, you name it. I'm sure you see where this is going. Being the crunchy people that we are, we sought out an environmentally friendly option to become the focus of our kitten's attentions, and boy was this whirlybird the answer to our prayers. Now the kitten chases and chews on this lovely multicolored friend as opposed to our belongings, bedding, and blinds. Gotta love a purchase you can feel good about.

Awesome gift for my boyfriend's cat

Was crossing my fingers that my bf's cat would like this you and he loves it!

Great cat toy

Our cat loves this new toy! I like that it has both catnip and some string to pull on. A toy that's eco friendly and made by disabled adults is a big bonus as well. Thanks Wild Minimalist!

Frisky kitty

My cat loves this toy. She immediately pounced on it when I opened the shipping container. She loves the hemp twine and it entertained her for quite awhile. The catnip must be strong because it made her very frisky! A big hit with the kitty, and I am so glad that it is made of biodegradable materials and with fair labor.

Kitty's favorite

My cat loves this toy, and she's a tough sell. The bird is very well made and is holding up beautifully despite months of clawing, chewing and being thrown around. Plus, it's super cute.

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