Enamel Carafe, 1 Liter


These multifunctional enamel carafes can be used to measure liquids and grains, water plants or to store and display household objects. Each carafe has a 1 liter capacity and features a handy pour spout with a traditional blue border.

The short carafe displays metric units in increments of 0.2 up to 1 liter on the inside. The large carafe only displays the 1 liter mark.  

Please note, each carafe is handmade and may contain imperfections. 

Metal and enamel
  • Short carafe: 13.5 cm high 
  • Tall Carafe: 11.5 cm diameter, 16.5 cm high
Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Not for use in microwave.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Accurate Measurement, Okay Quality

Ordered the short one. It looks good and the lines are accurate. The handle is hollow and water can get in through small holes if submerged. I am concerned about that water rusting the interior of the handle. The surface of the enamel is quite irregular. Asked for a replacement which had the same issues. Overall it does what it says but I would not order another.

Cute and practical!

This squat one-liter vessel is a pleasure to look at and use. Quality workmanship. Made in Romania. I use it to measure, in the sink for the soap and sponge, and for watering the plants in the kitchen!

I LOVE this cup to bits!

I LOVE this cup to bits! At first I bought it because “even if it doesn’t work the way I want it to, I love the look of it!” (that’s exactly what I told my husband). It turns out that not only is he handsome chap, he’s totally useful! A full dozen eggs only filled him to half full, a muffin mix that works up in a jiffy 😉 was easy to mix and pour out, and clean up is a breeze. I can’t wait to get the tall one next!

Excellent little pitcher

Exactly what I wanted, exactly as described and pictured on the website and excellent (quick!) service.


I see that the two carafes measure in liters. I had thought I would be able to escape this life without learning the metric system but am now prompted appropriately to join the rest of the world in its source of measurement ...