Glass Spray Bottles, Set of 2


Glass spray bottles are great for homemade cleaning, beauty and hair products as well as aromatherapy. This clear glass bottle is durable and can be refilled again and again. The adjustable sprayer nozzle can be used to spray or mist.

Bottles are glass and spray nozzles are BPA-free plastic
  • Set of 2 
  • 16 oz. capacity (per bottle)
Dishwasher safe (glass bottle only)


Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews

i'm so excited to use these for my homemade cleaning sprays. looks sleek, too!

Okay so far!

These bottles are the right size for my home; not too big! I've only had them for a couple of weeks, but they are perfect for misting my plants and holding home-made cleaning liquid. They will be great for other things as well.

Beautiful but needs a better spray nozzle

Beautiful bottle, but the spray nozzle is not the best I've seen, and squeaks when you spray. I'm so happy to use this, though. Filled it with a simple recipe of vinegar and water (1:3 ratio), and 10-20 drops of tea tree oil.

Almost perfect...

Really enjoy these cleaning supplies because no plastic, long lasting, and recyclable! However, the lid to the sprays actually seems a little cheap and leaks [a lot], which is the saddest thing!! If you tighten the lid too much, it actually pops off. It seems the threads for the glass bottle are much thicker and spread out more than the threads of the spray lid. We got Blueland dissolving tablets for multi-surface cleaner, and when we shook the bottle to mix it, the liquid went everywhere. I want to love these more, but it is crazy that they aren't leak proof. Also, super random, but the spray lid spins fully around, which makes it feel more flimsy. So, great idea, but not super practical.

Form and function a Minimalist loves!

I needed a simple but elegant spray bottle for cleaning my guitar. This is the ticket! One for me and one for natural household cleaner.

Nice size and the sprayer works well. Thanks WM!