Stainless Steel Ice Pack


Nothing says "I'm pretty cool" like a sustainable ice pack. This sleek stainless steel pack is filled with distilled water and freezes in just a couple of hours. Stick it in your picnic basket, your child's lunchbox or soothe achy muscles. Just think, no more leaky plastic baggies filled with ice!

Made in Korea

18/8 stainless steel
4.5 x 2.5 inches
Hand wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A bit small, but works

It's definitely the smallest ice pack we've got, but it works well and doesn't leak. I can see it being great for small insulated lunchbags or snackbags where you don't want too much added weight and you don't have a lot of room to spare.

Julie A.
Tiny and useful

I put this in the bottom of an insulated bowl to keep veggies chilled on a 5 hour road trip. It was easier than traveling with ice, for sure. It’s great in small snack bags or lunches that don’t need to be kept too cold. It won’t chill an ice chest full of drinks, but will help keep your trail mix chocolate chips from melting :)

Nicholas W.
Best little piece of sustainability I have encountered!

I had been using refreezable packs with some sort of ooze in them that invariable would get punctured and leak leaving the ooze all over my ‘lunch-bucket’ but not now. Two of this smart little lovelies keep a whole lot of things cool in a rather large cooler bag. I actually think one would likely do the trick. Amazing product. Highly recommended.

Light and lovely

When I placed the order for this, I was a bit worried it might be too heavy for everyday backpack use. It's actually a lot smaller than I expected and super lightweight. It stays cold all day and easy to clean. Happy with my purchase.


This is beautiful; it looks like an iPod. I really doubt it’s ever going to leak but if it does, it’ll just be water that comes out, which is excellent. It does reach room temperature faster than the plastic one full of mystery gel that I’ve been using, but I got 2 of these, and in my insulated lunchbox it’s just fine.