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Ready to take the next step in waste reduction? Introducing, toilet unpaper—a reusable cloth that can reduce or even replace disposable paper tp. Toilet unpaper is made from 100% cotton flannel and comes pre-rolled on a reusable cardboard tube that fits on a standard toilet paper holder. Be sure to wash toilet unpaper before you start using it. Once it's dry, stack and roll each cloth on the cardboard tube. Collect used cloths in a wet bag or bin and wash every 2-3 days in hot water. Do not flush toilet unpaper. 


Handmade in Eugene, Oregon

100% cotton flannel and a recyclable kraft paper tube
  • Each roll comes with 24 toilet unpaper cloths
  • Each strip measures  4.5" wide x 12" long (About 3 paper squares long)
  • Absorbency increases after the first few washes
  • Toilet unpaper shrinks slightly after being washed and will fit your roll perfectly
Do not flush toilet unpaper. Collect used clothes in a bin or wet bag to wash every 2-3 days in hot water with like colors. Tumble dry low or air dry.

Made in USA


Customer Reviews

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fabulous product

I wasn't sure I would appreciate this product - but it is fantastic. Soft, effective, easy to clean and put on the roll (or flat in a drawer). I hope running the washing machine twice a week is ecologically better than using TP.

Better than Toilet Paper!

These cloths are amazing, and a WAY better experience than the recycled toilet paper I was using! They are soft, big enough to fold over and again, easy to store and wash. They actually stay put wrapped around the roll too.

Better than TP by far.

Soft, just the right size, and after you use it for a bit, TP seems so wrong! Use with a bidet...cleaner than ever.

Ideal replacement

I’ve been trying to replace paper products in my home but couldn’t think what to do about toilet paper. Then I saw your ad! The strips are just the right size, strong enough for the job - and soft - PLUS they’re washable and biodegradable. Thank you!

Bought for use with bidet

I like that these don’t crumble up like tp. Besides being less wasteful, they just work better.