Wood Dish Brush

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This long-handled wood dish brush is wonderful for cleaning dishes and pots. Made of natural tampico fiber bristles, beechwood and metal, the wood dish brush is designed to last and the head can be easily swapped for a replacement when needed. 

Made in Germany

Beechwood, tampico bristles and metal hardware
10" h x 2" l x 2" w.
Wood oxidation in the form of dark spots or discoloration is a natural process caused by exposure to water and other elements (ie iron in water), and shouldn’t be confused with mold or mildew. These natural signs of aging do not affect the performance of your brush. To exend the life of your brush handle, air dry after use and occasionally apply beeswax or oil. Wood will naturally split and crack over time. Compost head and handle, recycle metal hardware.



Customer Reviews

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Scrub Away!

Great product and serves us well. We have been looking for one with replaceable tops - love that the heads can be swapped when needed! This is an easy change to make to use less plastics around the house.


We love our Redecker dish brush and especially love than we can easily order replacement heads from Wild Minimalist! Switching to a zero plastic product for our dish brush makes it so much easier to feel ok about replacing the head once it wears out, rather than throwing away a whole plastic brush or brush head. I only wish I could run the head through the dishwasher to disinfect it periodically!

Best ever, beautiful dish brush

Absolutely love this dish brush! It looks and feels of good quality. Love the natural materials, and neutral color. Very aesthetic if on display, and just feels nice in your hand. Will continue purchase these brushes going forward!

Sturdy brush, but doesn't always get everything

This brush works very well at getting food pieces off plates and pots and such. However, I find that sometimes a grease film or the like remains on the plate if I'm not careful - so a sponge may be better suited for that sort of job. I do still use this brush to clean glasses and plates that don't have grease residue on them, though, and I'll also use this brush to get the big stuff off before finishing off with a cotton scrubber to remove the residue.

Great Dish Scrubber

This brush works well with plates and large bowls. I like the brush with a little soap on it for cleaning all kinds of stuff.