Pearwood Wood Nail Brush


This durable wood nail brush is made from pearwood and pig-hair bristles to keep your nails neat and clean. The two-sided brush features narrow bristles on one side to remove dirt and grime under fingernails, and wide bristles for scrubbing the heels and soles of feet. The wood is long-lasting and ages gracefully with daily use. 

Made in Germany

Pearwood handle with pig-hair bristles
3.75" long
Dry brush between use. Compost at end of life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Beautiful, Solid, Worth it

Well designed and crafted. Fits my grip perfectly. Bristles are ideal stiffness and solidly attached. Wood is gorgeous and smooth.

Marion B.
Wood Nail Brush

Wonderful nail brush...use it at least 2times a day, especially after weeding the garden

Grace B.
Perfect for the pandemic

Since we are all washing our hands a lot more, keeping hard to reach places like under the nail clean is very important. It’s soft enough to use daily but stiff enough to make sure your nails are squeaky clean.

Shelley B.

Well made, elegant, perfect nail brush!

Susan T.
Does the job

I get my hands in the dirt a lot. This brush does an excellent job cleaning the grime and especially, on the short bristle side, the fingernails. Thank you.