Zero Waste Mouthwash Tablets

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Just add water to these zero waste mouthwash tablets to freshen breath and protect oral health. The tablets are vegan and made from entirely natural and non-toxic ingredients, like organic spearmint oil, to restore a healthy pH balance to your mouth. Packaged in a recyclable glass jar with an aluminum lid, these tablets are ideal for everyday use and travel.

sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, citric acid, organic spearmint oil, sodium benzoate, organic colorings, menthol, thymol, organic limonene
Starter jar contains 180 tablets to last one person, rinsing once a day, 3 months. The Refill jar contains 720 tablets
Recycle or reuse jar when empty



Customer Reviews

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Michele G.
Helping to save the planet

I just started to use the mouthwash tablets and really appreciate the small packaging and the impact it makes on Mother Earth. The tablet melts ok in warm-hot water but not as well if the water is cool. That's okay at home but when camping, don't always have warmer temp water for oral hygiene. There is a slightly minty taste but would prefer that the minty flavor be MUCH stronger. Would for sure only use this brand if there was an intense mint flavor.

Andrea W.
Pretty decent

These are alright. They dissolve well in a little water. I don't think I was expecting the strong baking soda taste. It isn't terrible, I just thought they would be mintier. I don't feel like it is doing a lot, certainly not going to kill raw onion breath, but a nice refresher or a final step in the routine. I would like them to be much stronger. I love the idea of not using big thick plastic bottles, so I hope they come out with an 'intense' formula!

so far so good

I put the tablet in a little cup of water before I begin my nighttime routine. By the time I'm ready, it's fully dissolved. It has a nice, minty taste with zero burn. I love that there is virtually no waste to it.

Mouthwash tablets.

I like that it is a small bottle with small tablets giving it a small footprint, and it’s vegan with minimal ingredients. It isn’t overpowering in taste or “hurts” to use like some other mouthwashes, and it leaves a light, pleasant minty taste in the mouth. Wish it dissolved a little faster, though. I will buy it again.

Nicole M.
Great tablets

I keep a small shot glass and these tablets by my sink. Just add one tablet and a bit of water, let it desolve, and then swish! It doesn't taste very strong; I think it has quite a neutral flavor. The fizziness of the liquid makes it feel like it is cleaning my mouth nicely. When I am done, my mouth is left feeling fresh and clean, and void of any excess artificial flavors.