Wood Dish BrushWood Dish Brush

Wood Dish Brush

From $7.99
Reusable Unpaper TowelsReusable Unpaper Towels

Reusable Unpaper Towels

from $35.99
Wood Pot Brush, Set of 2Wood Pot Brush, Set of 2

Wood Pot Brush, Set of 2

from $15.99
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Cotton Produce Storage BagCotton Produce Storage Bag

Cotton Produce Storage Bag

From $24.99
Silk Dental FlossSilk Dental Floss

Silk Dental Floss

From $9.99
Wood Bottle BrushWood Bottle Brush

Wood Bottle Brush

From $12.99
Reusable Cotton Facial RoundsReusable Cotton Facial Rounds

Reusable Cotton Facial Rounds

from $19.99
Wood Cleaning Brush KitWood Cleaning Brush Kit

Wood Cleaning Brush Kit

from $53.99 $59.99
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Organic Cotton Mesh Bags, Set of 5reusable cotton produce bag

Organic Cotton Mesh Bags, Set of 5

from $29.99
Copper Pot Scrubber, Set of 2Copper Pot Scrubber, Set of 2

Copper Pot Scrubber, Set of 2

from $13.99
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Wood Toilet Brush and StandWood Toilet Brush and Stand

Wood Toilet Brush and Stand

From $13.99
Beeswax Cloths, Set of 3beeswax cloths

Beeswax Cloths, Set of 3

from $21.99
Glass Spray Bottles, Set of 2Glass Spray Bottles, Set of 2

Glass Spray Bottles, Set of 2

from $24.99
Reusable Glass Coffee CupReusable Glass Coffee Cup

Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

From $32.99
Wood Scrub BrushWood Scrub Brush

Wood Scrub Brush

from $11.99
Silicone Sandwich BagSilicone Sandwich Bag

Silicone Sandwich Bag

from $14.99
Dish Soap BarDish Soap Bar

Dish Soap Bar

from $13.99
Bamboo Travel UtensilsBamboo Travel Utensils

Bamboo Travel Utensils

from $14.99
Reusable Daily Undie LinersReusable Daily Undie Liners

Reusable Daily Undie Liners

from $18.99
Upcycled Cotton Kitchen TowelsUpcycled Cotton Kitchen Towels

Upcycled Cotton Kitchen Towels

from $31.99
Wool Dryer Balls, Set of 3Wool Dryer Balls, Set of 3

Wool Dryer Balls, Set of 3

from $21.99
Deodorant StickDeodorant Stick

Deodorant Stick

from $15.99
Glass Soap Dispensers, Set of 2Glass Soap Dispensers, Set of 2

Glass Soap Dispensers, Set of 2

from $24.99
Zero Waste ToothpasteZero Waste Toothpaste

Zero Waste Toothpaste

From $12.99
Cotton Bread BagCotton Bread Bag

Cotton Bread Bag

from $23.99
Organic Biodegradable BandagesOrganic Biodegradable Bandages

Organic Biodegradable Bandages

from $10.99
Soap SaverSoap Saver

Soap Saver

from $9.99
Beech Wood Nail BrushBeech Wood Nail Brush

Beech Wood Nail Brush

from $9.99
Organic Biodegradable Hair TiesOrganic Biodegradable Hair Ties

Organic Biodegradable Hair Ties

from $19.99
Stainless Steel Tiffin LunchboxStainless Steel Tiffin Lunchbox

Stainless Steel Tiffin Lunchbox

from $34.99
Stainless Steel Ice TrayStainless Steel Ice Tray

Stainless Steel Ice Tray

from $35.99
Zero Waste Mouthwash TabletsZero Waste Mouthwash Tablets

Zero Waste Mouthwash Tablets

From $18.99
French Cotton Net BagFrench Cotton Net Bag

French Cotton Net Bag

from $15.99
Cotton Produce Storage Bag BundleCotton Produce Storage Bag Bundle

Cotton Produce Storage Bag Bundle

from $72.99 $81.99
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Wood Peg RailWood Peg Rail

Wood Peg Rail

From $22.99
Cork Soap DishCork Soap Dish

Cork Soap Dish

from $12.99
Zero Waste Kitchen Cleaning KitZero Waste Kitchen Cleaning Kit

Zero Waste Kitchen Cleaning Kit

from $42.99 $46.99
Sold out
Olive & Babassu Shampoo BarOlive & Babassu Shampoo Bar

Olive & Babassu Shampoo Bar

from $12.99
Pumice StonePumice Stone

Pumice Stone

from $12.99
Rice Straw Hand BroomRice Straw Hand Broom

Rice Straw Hand Broom

from $14.99
Wood Hand Broom and DustpanWood Hand Broom and Dustpan

Wood Hand Broom and Dustpan

from $41.99
Double-Edge Safety RazorDouble-Edge Safety Razor

Double-Edge Safety Razor

from $34.99
Wood Lint BrushWood Lint Brush

Wood Lint Brush

from $34.99
Wood Face BrushWood Face Brush

Wood Face Brush

from $14.99
Safety Razor KitSafety Razor Kit

Safety Razor Kit

from $77.99 $86
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Mini Cotton Net BagMini Cotton Net Bag

Mini Cotton Net Bag

from $12.99
wood string twine holder scissorswood string twine holder scissors

Wood String Tidy

From $4.99
Silicone Half Gallon BagSilicone Half Gallon Bag

Silicone Half Gallon Bag

from $24.99
Pearwood DusterPearwood Duster

Pearwood Duster

from $45.99
Sold out
Wood HairbrushWood Hairbrush

Wood Hairbrush

from $34.99
Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

from $16.99
Wood Coffee & Tea Scoop

Wood Coffee & Tea Scoop

from $6.99
Reusable Period PadsReusable Period Pads

Reusable Period Pads

from $18.99
Upcycled Denim ApronUpcycled Denim Apron

Upcycled Denim Apron

from $31.99
Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 5Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 5

Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 5

From $23.99
Bento BagBento Bag

Bento Bag

from $29.99
Travel Soap CaseTravel Soap Case

Travel Soap Case

from $14.99
Sold out
Wood Hedgehog HairbrushWood Hedgehog Hairbrush

Wood Hedgehog Hairbrush

from $19.99
Cloth Bowl Covers, Set of 5Cloth Bowl Covers, Set of 5

Cloth Bowl Covers, Set of 5

from $67.99
Zero Waste Farmer's Market KitZero Waste Farmer's Market Kit

Zero Waste Farmer's Market Kit

from $54.99 $61.99
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Lip & Cheek StainLip & Cheek Stain

Lip & Cheek Stain

from $22.99
Upcycled Cotton NapkinsUpcycled Cotton Napkins

Upcycled Cotton Napkins

from $34.99
Silicone Snack BagsSilicone Snack Bags

Silicone Snack Bags

from $11.99
Toothpaste TabletsToothpaste Tablets

Toothpaste Tablets

From $18.99
Wood Bath BrushWood Bath Brush

Wood Bath Brush

from $29.99
Vegan Food Wraps, Set of 3Vegan Food Wraps, Set of 3

Vegan Food Wraps, Set of 3

from $21.99
Stainless Steel Ice PackStainless Steel Ice Pack

Stainless Steel Ice Pack

from $19.99
Spork and CorkSpork and Cork

Spork and Cork

from $13.99
Wood CombWood Comb

Wood Comb

from $22.99
Cloth Utensil WrapCloth Utensil Wrap

Cloth Utensil Wrap

From $39.99
Stainless Steel Snack ContainerStainless Steel Snack Container

Stainless Steel Snack Container

from $8.99
Lavender Hemp Conditioner BarLavender Hemp Conditioner Bar

Lavender Hemp Conditioner Bar

from $17.99
Beige French Net BagBeige French Net Bag

Beige French Net Bag

from $19.99
Milk & Honey Baby Soap BarMilk & Honey Baby Soap Bar

Milk & Honey Baby Soap Bar

from $12.99
Organic Bug Repellent StickOrganic Bug Repellent Stick

Organic Bug Repellent Stick

from $18.99
Wood Broom with DustpanWood Broom with Dustpan

Wood Broom with Dustpan

from $129.99
All CreamAll Cream

All Cream

from $22.99
Bee's Oil Wood PreserverBee's Oil Wood Preserver

Bee's Oil Wood Preserver

from $20.99
Castile & Shea Soap BarCastile & Shea Soap Bar

Castile & Shea Soap Bar

from $12.99
Zero Waste Adult SunscreenZero Waste Adult Sunscreen

Zero Waste Adult Sunscreen

from $21.99
Dusk Lip PaintDusk Lip Paint

Dusk Lip Paint

from $29.99
Enamel Carafe, 1 LiterEnamel Carafe, 1 Liter

Enamel Carafe, 1 Liter

From $23.99
Lavender Coconut Shampoo BarLavender Coconut Shampoo Bar

Lavender Coconut Shampoo Bar

from $14.99
Woven Market BackpackWoven Market Backpack

Woven Market Backpack

from $62.99
Pearwood Wood Nail BrushPearwood Wood Nail Brush

Pearwood Wood Nail Brush

from $22.99
Wood Massage BrushWood Massage Brush

Wood Massage Brush

from $32.99
Cotton Picnic SlingCotton Picnic Sling

Cotton Picnic Sling

from $15.99
Tea Tree Charcoal Face Soap BarTea Tree Charcoal Face Soap Bar

Tea Tree Charcoal Face Soap Bar

from $13.99
Lip SalveLip Salve

Lip Salve

from $10.99
Wood Baby BrushWood Baby Brush

Wood Baby Brush

from $19.99